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Lies about Calories; Carbs and Fiber

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We’re being given so much bad information about food these days. It’s no wonder people come to me extremely confused. The good news is, in no time I help them make sense of all of it, including why we don’t count calories at all in my program: if you’re eating foods that heal your body, you don’t have to. 

But here is what is going on with programs that remove the carb count if an item’s carbs can be counted as fiber! It is misleading to say the least, they are telling people what they want to hear, not telling them the truth. 


Not including the actual calories in carbohydrates on packaging because they are considered fiber can be misleading and potentially problematic for several reasons:

1. Misleading Caloric Information:

  • Caloric Contribution: While fibers are generally considered non-digestible and thus non-caloric, some types of fiber,...
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How many steps do you really need?

As you know we just launched our Fitness App:

And what a great time to review the factual research on: How many steps do we really need? If you’re loving those 10,000 or more steps per day, then by all means keep at it. But if you’re using them instead of proper nutrition to keep the weight off, it will catch up with you. Consider a more nutritionally sound eating regime, and guess what? You won’t HAVE to do all those steps everyday with the intent of outrunning your fork. 

In all honesty until a few months ago I was maybe getting 2000 steps a day! I work from home, and unless I left the house, I was getting very few steps. The bug got into my head that I needed more, and I started integrating it. But boy was I happy to understand that I didn’t need them. I’m going back to a 30 min walk or step cardio daily, and not worrying about what all the influencers claim!  I’ve got some links to the data for you,...

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The Connection Between Physical Activity and Mental Wellbeing

 The Connection Between Physical Activity and Mental Wellbeing

By: Marcy Schoenborn

If you’re wondering why I came out with a fitness app, it is because of the importance of moving your body. Unfortunately we often exercise for aesthetics, when that is a bonus of the exercise, not really why we need to be moving our bodies. If you currently are not exercising, are a beginner or want to have weekly instruction, and be able to workout at home, you’ll love my app! While, yes, you can do my own personal workout with me weekly, you also have many choices in beginner workouts, even for my friends that need to sit to exercise. Be sure to grab your free trial and get a taste of what we offer at SchoFitWorX. If you like it, join before we’re approved by Apple and Google and save 33% on the monthly programs! 

Click here to check it out. (any confusion, please reach out: [email protected]  

In our fast-paced world, where the demands of daily life...

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The Pitfalls of Weight Loss Programs

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Title: The Pitfalls of Weight Loss Programs: Why Many Aren't Sustainable

By: Marcy Schoenborn


Embarking on a weight loss journey is a common aspiration for many individuals seeking to improve their health and appearance. However, while numerous weight loss programs promise quick results and dramatic transformations, the reality is often far from sustainable. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons why many weight loss programs fail to deliver long-term success and offer insights into building a more sustainable approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Unrealistic Expectations:

One of the primary reasons why many weight loss programs fall short is the prevalence of unrealistic expectations. Fad diets and trendy weight loss plans often promise rapid and significant weight loss, leading individuals to expect quick fixes and instant results. However, sustainable weight loss requires...

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Motivation - Unlock Your Inner Drive


We know at Scho.Fit that motivation is not always easy, if this is a struggle, please talk to Marcy about how our team and group coaching, and one on one coaching works. We work very hard to help you through this.


Title: Unveiling the Science Behind Motivation: Unlock Your Inner Drive

By: Marcy Schoenborn


Motivation is the driving force behind our actions, influencing everything from our daily routines to our long-term goals. Yet, understanding the science behind motivation can be the key to unlocking our full potential and achieving success. In this blog post, we'll delve into the fascinating science behind motivation, explore how it can vary depending on individual circumstances, and provide practical tips for overcoming motivational challenges.

The Science Behind Motivation:

At its core, motivation is a complex interplay of biological, psychological, and environmental factors. Neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine play...

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The Science Behind Feeling Energized After a Task

Title: The Science Behind Feeling Energized After Accomplishing Tasks

By: Marcy Schoenborn

Have you ever experienced that rush of energy and motivation that comes after successfully completing a task or achieving a goal? Whether it's finishing a workout, completing a project at work, or even just checking off items on your to-do list, that sense of accomplishment can leave you feeling invigorated and ready to tackle whatever comes next. But what exactly is the science behind this phenomenon?

  1. Neurochemical Response: When we accomplish something, our brain releases a surge of neurotransmitters and hormones, including dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. These chemicals are often referred to as "feel-good" neurotransmitters because they contribute to sensations of pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness. Dopamine, in particular, plays a crucial role in the brain's reward system and is associated with motivation, goal-directed behavior, and reinforcement learning.
  2. Positive...
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Putting Your Health (Yourself) First Is NOT Selfish!

Why Putting Yourself First Means Investing in Your Health - The best investment you can make.

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. We often find ourselves juggling multiple responsibilities, from work and family obligations to social commitments and personal pursuits. In the midst of this chaos, one thing tends to fall by the wayside: our health.

But here's the truth: putting yourself first is not selfish – it's essential. And one of the most important ways you can prioritize your well-being is by investing in your health. Here's why:

  1. Your Health is Your Greatest Asset: Think about it – without good health, everything else becomes secondary. No amount of wealth, success, or material possessions can truly make up for poor health. Your physical, mental, and emotional well-being form the foundation upon which everything else in your life is built. By investing in your health, you're safeguarding your most valuable...

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Mushrooms! Are they really all that?

You hear about mushrooms everywhere these days, but are you getting the right information? Are you getting enough information? And are they really as good as they claim? One thing I can point out; there are a lot of products out there claiming they do all these miraculous things! WITHOUT A FOUNDATION OF GOOD NUTRITION: YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY!! 

Always start with good nutrition, and then add the supplement! I’m excited to tell you just how amazing mushrooms are! And if you aren’t a fan, we have a mushroom supplement at Scho Fit Nutrition that you can use instead, and we know it works!

Save 20% with code: Save20Mush   ***save on your entire order!

Incorporating a variety of mushrooms into your diet can be a delicious and nutritious way to support overall health and well-being. Whether enjoyed in soups, stir-fries, or as supplements, mushrooms offer a myriad of health benefits that have stood the test of time. From boosting immunity and improving...

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3 Of Our Biggest Barriers to Keeping Weight Off

3 Of The Biggest Barriers to Keeping Weight Off

By: Marcy Schoenborn

Maintaining weight loss can be a challenging journey fraught with ups and downs. Despite our best efforts, many of us find ourselves struggling to shed those extra pounds and keep them off in the long term. While there are numerous factors that contribute to this struggle, three significant barriers stand out: misunderstanding how weight loss works, relying on quick fixes, and succumbing to unhealthy splurges.

  1. Misunderstanding How Weight Loss Works

One of the most common barriers to successful weight maintenance is a lack of understanding of the principles behind weight loss. Many people embark on weight loss journeys without grasping the fundamental concepts of sustainable lifestyle changes. Without this essential knowledge, individuals may resort to fad diets or unsustainable tactics that yield short-term results but fail to promote lasting weight management.

The teaching on this simple fact: that weight loss...

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Why Food Must Be the Foundation of Health: Moving Beyond Band-Aid Solutions for Chronic Diseases

Why Food Must Be the Foundation of Health: Moving Beyond Band-Aid Solutions for Chronic Diseases

By: Marcy Schoenborn

In recent years, the prevalence of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and hypertension has reached alarming levels, with millions of people worldwide grappling with the consequences of poor lifestyle choices and dietary habits. While medications and medical interventions play a crucial role in managing these conditions, they often serve as mere band-aid solutions, addressing symptoms rather than addressing the root causes of disease. It's time to recognize the pivotal role of food as the foundation of health and wellness, and to shift our focus towards nourishing our bodies with wholesome, nutrient-dense foods to prevent and reverse chronic diseases.

The Epidemic of Chronic Diseases:

Chronic diseases, also known as non-communicable diseases (NCDs), are long-term conditions that progress slowly over time and are largely...

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