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What People Are Saying:

I was tired of the quick fixes that I lost weight on but gained it all back and then some. Marcy’s program is clean eating with foods that are bought at grocery stores. I lost 8 # in “10 days of eating with Marcy”. Kept it off. So far 15# gone. Not bloated, more energy and motivation, not tired or sluggish. Marcy cares about health and people .


I signed up for Marcy’s program, not to loose weight, but for guidance with eating healthier! It has made a huge difference! I have more energy, and I even wake up earlier, and less “groggy” in the morning! ( didn’t expect that). Overall, I have kept on the program, and feel great!


So grateful I started in October 2021. With a few modifications for my Leukemia I feel great and look good too. I am down a total of 35lbs. Slow and steady wins the race


Where to begin, I started Marcy’s program a short 10 days ago although I have been watching and listening for awhile. I have high blood pressure chronic pain and headaches daily, osteoarthritis, also 2 strokes resulting in open heart surgery. In 10 short days the last 4 days no headaches pain has eased up my energy level is through the roof my doctor as of today lowered my blood pressure medication. I’m not done here I meet with my cardio thoracic surgeon in September for different option to my blood thinner I’ll keep you posted!!!! Eating clean I promise you after a short time your cravings will change to a healthy sweet and healthy crunch, you will not want to look back OH did I mention I’m down 7.8 pounds and a total 5.5 inches just melted away and yes you heard right all this in 10 days!!! A program that works and no gimmicks I promise you that. You won’t regret it!!!


I joined the 10 day program with the help of a friend, but I tell you I was very unsure of it. I've tried eating better but it never helped. But I tell you when I did this after 3 days my sciatica inflammation subsided. My energy was better, And I really don't miss not drinking soda, sugars, salts. I'm plenty full all day. Eating bal. Breakfast, light snack of fruit in afternoon and a bal. Dinner at supper. Lots of vegetables fruit. BELIEVE ME YOU WILL BE HAAPPIER TO TRY! and in 10 days have lost 4 and one half # and my clothes fit loser. Start your healthy journey yourself! It's worth it.


Go to this link to see her story and 91 lb. weight loss.


Marcy Newman Schoenborn I owe my progress to the knowledge you’ve shared with me! 63 pounds and counting. I feel better than I have in years! Still a long way to go but you’ve given me the tools to do it. Blood work all normal, even blood sugars and I’ve been a diabetic for 17 years (off insulin and oral meds, I only take a once a week injectable). I’m so thankful God put you in my path! ♥️


I want to share this post not to be laughed at but to encourage others that may be shy or think they can't do this! I've worked really hard to get to this weight! Here is my story: I was 423 pounds of weight. Stressed to the max with work, drinking a 6 pack of 20oz pepsi in a school day. I was tired all the time. I was beyond myself control. I needed to loose weight! I needed me back! So I started on my jouney... right after my hysterectomy in March 2004. Only to have a Stroke April 2004... this took me to a place of working backwards, so to speak... My only prayer to God was let me walk. You see, I was a mom of 2 young kids... I still knew I had to take care of them. However, I could not take 100% care of myself. With my Mother and Father's help I made it! They let the kids and I stay with them for 6 months. My strength got stronger. I still needed speech and occupational therapy so these groups came to my house. We made my house handicap accessible. Shower bars, steps shorter for me to get in and out. Help with cleaning my house and my young children depending on themselves a little more. Like my 10yr old daughter took on cooking skills fast. My 12yr old son having to be more of a caregiver by learning to do laundry. None which hurt either of them... Fast forward to being 200lbs lighter... it's a great feeling. I have overcome so much. It's made me stronger. This was all from giving up, giving up pop, candy, ice cream and Pies! My favorite go to foods. Giving up and not eating those things. I had to start exercising my legs daily. Small tasks. Walking to the back gate of my yard was hard to do. I did it anyway. 1 time a day, then 2 times then adding more steps and more steps to my daily walks. Now I walk because I enjoy it!(outside when weather permits) My favorite is timber walking in good weather. The up and downs of the creek banks ect. The breathing fresh air. It all makes it worth while. Let's talk Today: I am setting my next goal, in 30 days I want to be in the 195lbs weight. Doesn't seam like much, but to me it means a lot. My healthy eating is due to Marcy Newman Schoenborn and her exercises as well. You can do this Tonia! You are strong and you got this! Cheerleader me! Note to You: When You feel like giving up, DON'T! I WILL BE HERE TO CHEER YOU ON. We can do All things through Christ who strengths us! Phil 4:13 Shoot me a message, tell me your goals, I want to be here for YOU! THE ONLY THING BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR GOAL IS "YOU"! We got this!