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Fly On The Wall

This program was designed just for you if: you wanted to join the handheld live program, but were 1. Maybe afraid you wouldn't follow through because you've failed before. 2. Money is tight, we are living in crazy times. 3. You don't need my personal help!

What you'll get:

10 Day Program:

- Morning Breakfast Live Motivation Chat Recording

- Daily Workout Recording

- Daily Zoom Chat Check In and Education recording

- Shopping List

- Recipes

- Menu's 

- Cooking Videos

- Journal Coaching


***all recorded to use on your own time with 1 year access.




- 21 Days To Positivity PDF download.

 - 10 Bonus Days workouts

- Extra bonus recipes

- Various educational health recordings

**Always consult your physician before starting a program.

What People Are Saying:

I joined the 10 day program with the help of a friend, but I tell you I was very unsure of it. I've tried eating better but it never helped. But I tell you when I did this after 3 days my sciatica inflammation subsided. My energy was better, And I really don't miss not drinking soda, sugars, salts. I'm plenty full all day. Eating bal. Breakfast, light snack of fruit in afternoon and a bal. Dinner at supper. Lots of vegetables fruit. BELIEVE ME YOU WILL BE HAAPPIER TO TRY! and in 10 days have lost 4 and one half # and my clothes fit loser. Start your healthy journey yourself! It's worth it.


Where to begin, I started Marcy’s program a short 10 days ago although I have been watching and listening for awhile. I have high blood pressure chronic pain and headaches daily, osteoarthritis, also 2 strokes resulting in open heart surgery. In 10 short days the last 4 days no headaches pain has eased up my energy level is through the roof my doctor as of today lowered my blood pressure medication. I’m not done here I meet with my cardio thoracic surgeon in September for different option to my blood thinner I’ll keep you posted!!!! Eating clean I promise you after a short time your cravings will change to a healthy sweet and healthy crunch, you will not want to look back OH did I mention I’m down 7.8 pounds and a total 5.5 inches just melted away and yes you heard right all this in 10 days!!! A program that works and no gimmicks I promise you that. You won’t regret it!!!


I have had some pretty amazing results too! My A1C dropped from 6.9 to 5.5. And recent lipid panel showed all within normal limits. Beyond happy!


So grateful I started in October 2021. With a few modifications for my Leukemia I feel great and look good too. I am down a total of 35lbs. Slow and steady wins the race


May 23rd I found out I need a right hip replacement, but needed to lose 30-40 pounds to have it done. Ok, no problem. 7 days later I find out I have diabetic retinopathy. Ok, I will NOT go blind because of my diabetes. So that's it, I'm done with not taking control of my health. Since May 23rd I have lost 30 pounds as of today and am just getting started. Before connecting with Marcy I was doing low carb diet because of being a diabetic and it was working - I'd lost 13 pounds before her program. But holy cow - as time has progressed I have embraced her program and the Nutritarian lifestyle, am now at 30 pounds off, several inches, down 2 sizes in shorts/skirts and FEEL GREAT. SO MUCH ENERGY!! So happy with life. The BIGGEST change for me -- within 3 weeks of starting with Marcy, my endocrinologist took me totally off my mealtime fast-acting INSULIN!!! I had been on mealtime insulin for 10 years!!! I still take other diabetes meds but I no longer have to take a shot every time I eat!! You've no idea how that has affected me. My endocrinologist did the happy dance in his chair and said "this is a BIG day" on the visit where he took me off that insulin. My diabetes is now totally under control with the meds that I still take and I am hoping to go off some of those soon too! I have lost all cravings for foods I used to eat and now crave different foods. I eat very nutrient dense food so I need less to be satiated and full. I've even joined a fitness center with a pool and am doing workouts in the pool so it's easy on my bad hip - and that has already improved my hip movement! If you're curious, even a little bit, join Marcy's 5-day free program. You honestly have NOTHING to lose, except feeling crappy. You can ask me any questions - happy to answer! FYI - I am also participating in this upcoming free 5-day program even though I already did it! I want to see if I can pick up some nuggets I missed last time and she says she's "turning it up a notch" this time and I don't want to miss anything new!!


I signed up for Marcy’s program, not to loose weight, but for guidance with eating healthier! It has made a huge difference! I have more energy, and I even wake up earlier, and less “groggy” in the morning! ( didn’t expect that). Overall, I have kept on the program, and feel great!


I was tired of the quick fixes that I lost weight on but gained it all back and then some. Marcy’s program is clean eating with foods that are bought at grocery stores. I lost 8 # in “10 days of eating with Marcy”. Kept it off. So far 15# gone. Not bloated, more energy and motivation, not tired or sluggish. Marcy cares about health and people .


“Joining Marcy’s program was a game changer for my weight loss journey. It turned it into a get healthy journey! I now love this way of eating and living. I have tons more energy, no cravings for food I used to eat and even been taken off mealtime Insulin which I have been on for 10 years! This is not a short-term diet - is a new lifestyle that has given me my life back!”